About Peter Waterman

Peter Waterman Marriage Celebrant

Peter Waterman's background as a teacher and his involvement in public speaking eminently suits him in the role of wedding celebrant. He came to the role of wedding celebrant directly as a result of teaching students about ceremony and realised how profoundly important they are in creating meaningful transformations in our lives.

Peter loves weddings – they are such joyful occasions and he feels that experiencing that special moment in the lives of couples and their families is indeed a privilege. He believes in giving couples plenty of options for their weddings and when they first meet him presents them with a wedding pack filled with ideas of readings, rituals, vows etc. He also believes that couples should be happy with their celebrant therefore the first meeting is a no obligation one.

Peter attends to all the paperwork and will write the ceremony based around the couples’ ideas (sometimes couples opt to write their own to). All paperwork is attended to by Peter.

Ceremonies conducted with grace, dignity, warmth and humour

Peter has a high quality wireless microphone system that caters for up to 250 guest. This system also has an inbuilt CD player. He can also recommend the best live musicians!

At the ceremony Peter feels his first role is to make the couple and guests feel relaxed and welcome. Peter is happy to fit in with whatever tone or atmosphere that is required for the wedding but delights in using humour!

Peter also conducts other ceremonies – Naming, Commitment, Renewal of Vows and Funerals. For more information about it please contact us.

10 Things I Love About Weddings

  • 1. Meeting a new couple for the first time and finding out their story.
  • 2. Talking over ideas for a couple’s wedding – running through my wedding pack.
  • 3. Discussing and drafting the ceremony with a couple at the second meeting.
  • 4. Asking a couple questions in order to write a personal poem of their journey together. By doing this I feel that I really "get to know" a couple. I am amazed and humbled at the openness of couples in sharing their journeys with me.
  • 5. Writing the ceremony or receiving written ideas from the couple, particularly the couple’s vows. While the basic structure is often the same, each ceremony is different and each couple usually include something unique in their ceremony.
  • 6. Meeting a couple in the week before the wedding – they are filled with excitement and it is enjoyable to run through the ceremony with them and ensure they are comfortable with it.
  • 7. Arriving at the ceremony – greeting the groom and enjoying the space while setting up. Weddings are always in magnificent settings and I get to see them all while working in them! Greeting the bride on her arrival is always special.
  • 8. Performing the ceremony - this is the most enjoyable part. The hard work has been done and everyone can enjoy and celebrate the occasion. I like to use a bit of humour to help set a relaxed mood.
  • 9. Pronouncing a couple as "husband and wife". There is always a warm and lovely feeling at this time.
  • 10. Taking in the congratulatory spirit at the end of the ceremony; farewelling the couple and their families; and always thinking "Wow, I really do have the best job in the world"!